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The Options Tab shows the options used to control the presentation of the other Tabs.

These options include personal minimums, color preferences, default station selection, METAR Tab station selection and the URLs used to access frequently viewed web pages.


Field Descriptions

Area A

Max/Min Settings - These values define the personal maximums or minimums used to set the alert level used on the Current and Forecast weather tabs.

Area B

METAR Stations Settings - These settings are used to pre-fill the fields for METAR selection on the Metars Tab

Area C

Color Values - These settings can be used to change the default colors used to indicate a warning or limit exceeded condition.

Area D

Default Station - This is the default station used for the initial display of the Current and Forecast Tabs

Default Aircraft - This is the default aircraft used on the Current Tabs for the takeoff and landing distance calculations. This default can also be set on the Aircraft Tab by right-clicking on the aircraft to be set as the default.

Area E

Button Airports - These are preset Metar station identifiers used on the Quick Select Buttons on the Current and Forecast Tabs.

Area F

Tab URLs 1, 2 & 3 - These are the Tab names and URLs used to fetch web pages at program start-up.

Area G

Link URLs 1, 2 & 3 - These are the Link names and URLs used on the Links on the Current Tab.

Area H

Default Reset Buttons - Use these buttons to reset the above Option values to their default values.

Area I

Winds Aloft - Use these buttons to set the Winds Aloft Forecast Stations to be displayed on the Current Tab. Select All to see all Winds Aloft stations or select Within NMs to display all stations within a designated radius of the Current station and then enter the number of miles in the box next to this option.