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Aircraft Update


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Airport Update

The Airport Update Form is used to update airport information.

This form may be used to add an airport to the airport data base or to update information for an existing airport.

NOTE: The airport database is kept in a file named Airports.dat. This file is copied to “Airports.dat.bkp” before any updates are applied.

This allows you the opportunity to back-out and recover from any changes that are made by mistake. Of course if you apply 2 changes the second backup will step on the first backup. This is just a simple safety measure that will save you from one mistake, not two.

In any case it is recommended that you backup the “Airports.dat” file before you make any updates.

Field Descriptions

Area A

4-letter ICAO Station Identifier - This is the standard station identifier. This is the identifier used to retrieve the METARs. See Alternate Metar below.

3 Character FAA Identifier - 3 character station identifier.

Station Name - The station name

Area B

Elevation - The station elevation.

TPA - Traffic pattern altitude.

Area C

Alternate Metar - The Alternate Metar ID may be used to setup a nearby alternate that will be used to obtain weather information for an airport that doesn’t have automated Metar reporting. If this field is used the alternate station will be displayed with a NOTE in the Present Weather Box on the Current Tab.

Metars check box - A check mark indicates that this station has automated  Metar reporting, this is for information only.

Area D

Station City, State, Country - This station city, state and country

Area E

Runways - This grid displays the runways at the airport. The a runway may be added, changed or deleted by clicking on the corresponding button.

Area F

Latitude and Longitude - The latitude and longitude in Seconds are used to calculate distance from the airport to winds aloft forecast stations and to other airports. These are the distances displayed on the Current Tab.

Runway Update

The Runway Update Form is used to update runway information.


Runway ID - This is the standard runway identifier made up of the Base and Reciprocal identifiers.

Length and Width - Runway dimensions

ID - The runway ID

RLC - The letter R, L or C which stand for Right, Left or Center.

Right Traffic - Y or N indicating whether there is a right hand traffic pattern—Yes or No.