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The data displayed on the Forecast Tab is taken from NOAA’s National Weather Service Meteorological Development Lab.  http://www.nws.noaa.gov/mdl/synop/products.shtml

This web site describes this product as follows: “Model Output Statistics (MOS) is a technique used to objectively interpret numerical model output and produce site-specific guidance. “

The presentation here is similar to the presentation of the METAR data, however keep in mind that this is a forecast and should not be confused with the METAR historical data.

Field Descriptions

Area A

4-letter ICAO Station Identifier - This is the standard station identifier. Enter a valid station id here to display the MOS forecast data for that station.

Station Name - This station name

Station City, State, Country - This station city, state and country

Area B

AFC Aviation Flight Category - As defined on the NOAA Aviation Weather Center. The background color for this field will change from green to yellow if the category is below VFR.

Area C

Runways - This area shows the runway dimensions, headwind and crosswind. The headwind and crosswind will have a green, yellow or red background depending on the user limits defined on the Options Tab.

Area D

Day and Time - This area shows the day and time for the currently displayed METAR. This is shown in both UTC and Local time.

Area E

Elevation - Station elevation MSL

Area F

Graphic Wind Direction and Speed - METAR wind direction and speed

Area G

*Visibility - MOS visibility

*Ceiling - MOS ceiling

*Temp. C/F - MOS temperature Celsius and calculated Fahrenheit

Dew Pt C/F - MOS dew point Celsius and calculated Fahrenheit

Wind Direction - MOS wind direction

*Speed - MOS wind speed

*Gust - MOS wind gust

Area H

Sky Condition - MOS sky condition

Obstructions to Vision - MOS obstructions to vision

Area I

Time selection slider - Up to 72 hours of MOS data will be displayed for the selected station. This slider may be used to slide through this data. Ad the slider is mover from right to left the displayed data will move back in time.

Area J

MOS Data - Click this link to display the raw MOS data.

Area K

Station Quick Select Buttons - These buttons may be used to quickly display MOS data for the stations defined on the Options Tab as Button Airports.

Area L

Wind Direction - Wind direction forecast

Wind Speed - Wind speed forecast The blue dot shows the wind speed, if there is a gust speed in the METAR it is displayed as a red dot.

Area M

Visibility - Visibility forecast

Ceiling - Ceiling forecast (OVC or BKN) data is displayed as a blue dot. The lowest layer below this ceiling may be displayed as a red dot. The highest ceiling level displayed is 20,000.

Area N

Precipitation Probability - Precipitation percentage forecast

Temperature/Dew Point - Temperature and dew point forecast The temperature is shown as a blue dot, the dew point as a red dot.

Area O

Runway Panel (s) - Up to 4 runway panels will be displayed depending on the runway configuration for the airport. The runway is drawn with a north orientation, and the runway is positioned based on the runway identifier, this is not drawn to scale. The numbers at the end of the runway indicate the preferred runway based on the wind direction. The red (hot) numbers indicate the preferred runway, the blue numbers indicate the reciprocal runway.

In the lower left of this panel are two sliding scales that indicate the relative strength of the headwind and crosswind components for this runway. The colors of these scales (green, yellow and red) are controlled by the personal limits set on the Options Tab.

There is an orange arrow that shows the wind direction.

Each panel shows:

Runway Identifier - The runway identifier shown in a mandatory instruction sign. The runway heading is selected based on the wind direction. For example if we have runway 36/18 and a northerly wind we will select runway 36, if we have a southerly wind we will select runway 18.

H Wind - The calculated headwind for this runway

X Wind - The calculated crosswind for this runway, if there is a value for wind gust the crosswind component is calculated and shown below the regular crosswind value


* - For these fields, the background color changes based on settings defined on the Options Tab.

Aviation Flight Categories (AFC)





below 500 feet and/or

less than 1 mile


500 to below 1,000 feet and/or

1 to less than 3 miles


1,000 to 3,000 feet and/or

3 to 5 miles


greater than 3,000 feet and

greater than 5 miles