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How is the weather?

The WxCheck program has been developed to collect and organize the information needed to help answer this question.

The information is presented logically in a series  of easy to use customized “Tabs”.

This organization allows the pilot to make a quick assessment of current conditions based on user-defined minimums.

A key to making this information useful is the personalized Options Tab. The user is able to enter personal minimums that are compared to current conditions and give a quick feel for the current situation by using colors to highlight the critical values.


Collect and Combine Many Data Sources

In addition to the critical weather information derived from the METARs, there are also Tabs that can be used to connect other weather or scheduling web sites needed by the pilot during flight preparation.

The user can tailor these tabs to connect to any internet site during program start-up. You may, for example, set one Tab to the National Weather Service Aviation Weather Center. Another Tab may be set to the Duats web site so that it is connected and ready for you to file a flight plan. Another Tab may be set to your airplane’s web scheduling site or any other site that you like to use to plan your flight.

These Tabs allow you to collect all these resources in one window without having to start up lots of windows and then switch around between them.