Instrument Concepts



Instrument Concepts

This program contains three software programs that can be used by a student pilot to help understand some essential concepts of instrument flying.

The programs, arranged on three tabs, illustrates complex concepts in simple, easy to understand windows.

Not rocket science not a complex flight simulation, just a simple desktop tool to help explain some fundamentals. If you are a student pilot, or anyone interested in these topics, this is some software you might have some fun clicking on for a few minutes and learn a few things while you are at it.



Simply click on the desired Tab to bring up one of the three programs.

VOR/NDB Instrument Simulator

This Instrument Simulator demonstrates the function of a Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI), a Directional Gyro (DG), a VOR and an NDB. This simulation shows how these instruments perform in relation to the aircraft and each other.

Holds Illustrator

This program allows the user to define holding patterns and aircraft headings to these patterns. Then the relationship between the aircraft and the Hold is graphically displayed. The sliding controls allow the user to watch the relationships change dynamically as the bearings are changed.

Crosswind Calculator

This Calculator allows the entry of wind direction and speed, runway heading and limits. The sliding controls are used to change these inputs while the graphic display shows the effects of these changes.