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Makes the pilot’s preflight routine easier.

Can I Fly Today?

WxCheck collects and organizes information needed to help answer the question, How is the weather?

And more importantly, answer the question, Can I fly today?

This is aviation weather software that also helps a pilot organize the pre-flight planning routine. It is Microsoft Windows based software that uses customized pages to collect and organize weather and performance information needed by a pilot for flight planning.

Leesburg Executive Airport (KJYO)

Leesburg, VA

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  • Rapid assessment of current weather conditions.
  • Customized personal minimums.
  • Current aviation weather
  • Your home airport shown at startup.
  • One-click access to other airports of interest
  • Simple quick access to multiple internet sites.
  • Graphic presentation of weather trends.
  • * Internet connection required

  • Enhanced graphic METAR presentation
  • METAR decoding
  • Important calculations simplify planning.
  • Pressure and Density Altitude calculations
  • Takeoff and Landing Distance calculations for Cessna 172, Diamond DA20, Piper Warrior II PA28-161, Piper Archer II PA26-181 Piper Arrow III PA28R-201, Cirrus SR20 and more
  • Great pilot training tool or everyday flight planning use
  • Click Here to see how KIAH looked during Hurricane Ike. Notice that a 47 knot headwind can cut the takeoff distance in half.


    VOR/NDB Simulation


    Simple software to help explain and demonstrate some complex instrument topics in a way that makes them easier to understand.

    inSim uses a Windows based Tabbed presentation to demonstrate essential aviation topics in a unique easy-to-understand way.

    This aviation software could be used by a student pilot for flight training or as a refresher for the weekend pilot or just for fun. inSim demonstrates these topics on 3 pages.

  • VOR Simulation
  • NDB Simulation
  • Demonstrate CDI usage
  • The first page allows the pilot to grab the airplane and drag it around the screen while watching the changes in the VOR, ADF and HSI/DG. The pilot may also drag the VOR or the NDB and watch the relationships change. Or if you just want to sit back and watch you can click on ‘Pong Mode’ and watch the airplane randomly bounce around the screen while it is tracked by the instruments.

  • Hold Visualization
  • Pattern Entry Decision
  • The second page is a simple presentation that demonstrates the complex topic of Holds. The graphic displays the DG, the Hold pattern and the airplane flight path and the relationships between them. The display uses sliding controls that allow the pilot to watch the relationships change as the relative bearings move.

  • Cross Wind Calculation
  • Graphic Presentation
  • The third page is a headwind/crosswind calculator that shows the relationship between these components and the runway. The unique sliding control lets the pilot alter the values and watch the relationships change in real time. An important component of aviation weather information is made more understandable.

    Click here for inSim details.


    Click Here to download the 30-day free trial.

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