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An instrument simulator that demonstrates complex concepts in a simple way

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Simplify VOR & ADF usage

Switch between DG & HSI

Demonstrate Holding Pattern relationships

Graphic presentation of cross & head-wind calculation

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While working on the instrument rating I thought it would help to understand radio navigation and holds if I built some software to demonstrate these concepts.

As a computer programmer this was a natural way for me to work through the details to help me understand how these things work.

The inSim software is the result of this process. It was developed to help explain and demonstrate these complex concepts essential to the instrument training course.

This aviation software is an easy way for the student pilot to look at these topics. Itís a nice supplement to any flight training program.


Three TOOLs

A tabbed format is used to display the three programs. What is unique about these programs is the visual presentation and the slider controls that allow the user to change the conditions of the demonstrated concept. These controls allow the user to change the conditions easily and smoothly and watch the resulting change in relationships.

Instrument Simulator

The Instrument Simulator demonstrates the function of a Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI), a Directional Gyro (DG), a VOR and an NDB. The pilot can move the airplane, NDB or VOR around the screen and watch how the needles react. The airplane can also be allowed to wander around while the needles react to itís changing position.

Holds Illustrator

The Holds Illustrator helps to simplify the complex topic of Holds.

This program allows the user to enter a hold course and aircraft heading and easily see the relationship between them. The Illustrator will work for Standard and non-Standard holds. The sliders are used to change the relationship between the aircraft and the Hold. This changing relationship is presented in a way that help the pilot learn to visualize the environment.

Crosswind Calculator

The Crosswind Calculator calculates the headwind and crosswind components of the wind and shows their relationship to the runway.

The sliders allow the pilot to easily and smoothly change the wind speed or direction and the runway heading and watch as the relationships between headwind, crosswind and runway change.

System Requirements

- An Internet Connection

- MS Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7

- 7 MB disk space

- Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or better

- Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0

  - You probably have this framework installed if not you can download it free here:

Click here to Download the Framework

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