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Each current version comes with a 30-day Free Trial. In order to continue using the software after the expiration date you must purchase a product key.


The current version is now - released 6/26/2015

NOTE: If you download this with the Microsoft Browser you might see messages from Microsoft that WxCheckSetup.msi could harm your computer. This is because I havenít signed the App with a digital certificate. Maybe someday Iíll pay a couple hundred dollars to buy a digital certificate for this App in the meantime if you want to use it you will have to respond to a few warnings by saying to allow the App to run.


Click here to download WxCheck (For XP & Vista & Windows 7 32 & 64 bit - full retail version)

Click here to download inSim (For XP & Vista & Windows 7 32 & 64 bit - full retail version)


Installation Instructions

This App uses standard Microsoft Windows installation, simply double-click on the link above and select Run. Or download the .MSI file and double-click it to install.


Un-installation Instructions

This App uses standard Microsoft Windows un-installation, go to the Windows program Control panel and select WxCheck for unstallation and follow the prompts.


End User License Agreement

Terms of Use

Terms of Use applies to the information and files that are downloaded from


Limited Use Policy

The software provided by may be downloaded and customized for your personal or company use only. You may download copies, make archival copies. This software or any document produced from this software may NOT be sold, redistributed, or uploaded to the internet for distribution.

Limited Warranty

There is no warranty expressed or implied for this software.

Limitation of Liability

Edgemont Aviation in no event will be liable or responsible for any use of this software. It is up to the user to bear any and all responsibility and liability for the use of this software.



Help Files


Click here to download the WxCheck Help File (4.7 MB)

Click here to view the WxCheck Help File (Itís Faster)


Click here to download the inSim Help File (1.3 MB)

Click here to view the inSim Help File (Itís Faster)


Previous Versions


inSim 2008-10-15 Version

inSim 2008-03-01 Version


WxCheck 2013-03-12 Version

WxCheck 2010-09-15 Version

WxCheck 2010-07-10 Version

WxCheck 2009-12-30 Version

WxCheck 2009-06-22 Version

WxCheck 2008-09-02 Version

WxCheck 2008-08-27 Version

WxCheck 2008-07-17 Version

Luray Caverns Airport (W45)

Luray, VA


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