In September of 2006 I began work on my private pilotís license. While working toward my private pilot license I developed a pre-flight planning routine that involved checking a number of internet sources.

In order to make this process a little easier and more organized I developed the WxCheck software for my own use.

Some of the other pilots saw the software and saidóHey you ought to sell that. So I spent some time cleaning it up and here it is available for others to use.

In September of 2007 I began work on my instrument rating. While working on this I developed the inSim software to help me understand some of the important instrument concepts.


The airport pictures on this site were taken by me on flights I made around the mid-Atlantic region while collecting the cross country hours needed for the instrument rating. Click on any of the pictures to see a larger version.

Update: 3/6/08 I got the instrument rating and now Iím working on the commercial license. Iíll be adding some pictures from the places visited while working on that.

Update: 9/24/08 I now have the Commercial and AGI/IGI. Now Iím working on the CFI. Apparently there is no end to the training.

Update. 5/21/09 Got the CFI.

Update. 10/12/10 Got the CFII.


Hangar at Gordonsville Municipal Airport (KGVE)

Gordonsville, VA

Landing at Tazewell County Airport (6V3)

Richlands, VA




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