Weight & Balance

The Weight & Balance App is used to maintain weight & balance information for any number of airplanes.


Some generic airplanes are built into the App including Cessna, Cirrus, Diamond and Piper aircraft. The W&B numbers are unique for each airplane, so the App allows the calculation to be customized for your airplane.

There is no limit on the number of Stations that can be entered. And the CG envelope is customized for each airplane.

The Envelope can be plotted in Inches from the datum, or with a “Center of Gravity Moment Envelope”. These methods will cover most GA aircraft.


For more detailed information about the calculation methods available please review the iPad PDF help file HERE. These methods are intended for use with a wide variety of GA aircraft.


There is no limit on the number of airplanes that can be added.

NOTE: This App has been Retired


Please Click Here to see the Upgraded Version included in the General Aviation App

Click HERE to see the W&B App in the iPhone App Store

Lake Anna Airport (7W4)

Bumpass, VA

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