Route Wx

The Route WX App is used to display weather (METAR) data on a map and in a table for all stations within a given distance along a specified route.

The color-coded map overlay shows instantly the conditions along the Route.

The weather is also displayed in a table sorted by the distance from the originating station for easy reference.

A worldwide airport database is included, that includes data for over 4,000 airports.

Options can be entered to display temperature as Celsius or Fahrenheit, distance as Feet or Meters and wind speed as Knots or MPS (Meters per Second).

Click HERE to see the Route WX App in the iPhone App Store

PLEASE NOTE: A list of the Airports used in this App is available on the Airport page, click HERE to review this list.

Cessna 172-S N3504L

Leesburg Executive Airport

Leesburg, VA

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