Preflight Wx+

Purpose: Make preflight data collection easier and more effective.

The CFI Tools Preflight WX+ App combines many preflight sources into a single location.

The information you want at your fingertips at startup based on your custom settings

Can I fly today?

The first question is, can I fly?

METAR data is “colorized based on your settings to answer this question at a glance.

Green means go, Red no-go, Yellow maybe.

Many Popular Apps in One

  • Current Weather with History
  • Forecast Weather (USA Only)
  • Area Weather
  • Weight & Balance
  • Takeoff & Landing Distance Calculator
  • Crosswind Calculator
  • Hold Viewer
  • VOR Viewer
  • NOTE: This App has been Retired


    Please Click Here to see the Upgraded Version included in the General Aviation App

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     METARs are displayed as graphical weather trends for the airport. Values are "colorized" based on you personal minimums to highlight any above-minimum readings. Red means no-go, yellow means caution and green means that the METAR values are within the minimums you setup on the Options Tab.


    This display also shows the Aviation Flight Category (VFR, MVFR, IFR, LIFR) and a graphical windsock along with sky condition and present weathers. The raw METAR data is displayed at the bottom of the screen as a reference.


    Summary conditions for your "favorite airports" are displayed on this page to give a quick read on the Aviation Flight Category and wind conditions. Touch any of these favorite to get the detailed report for that airport.

    PLEASE NOTE: A list of the Airports used in this App is available on the Airport page, click HERE to review this list.

    Preflight WX+ Help files may be accessed using these links.

    Each PDF file contains screen shots and a description of the App or Tab


    Current WX     Weight & Balance         Airport Update         Crosswind

    METARs         Takeoff & Landing       Hold Viewer             Optional URLs

    Forecast         Area WX                       VOR Viewer             Options


    Turners Falls Airport (0B5)

    Turners Falls, MA

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