Mvx Tracks

The Mvx Tracks App is used to track, save and analyze flight maneuvers.

The flight tracks may be viewed with Google maps on the iPhone.

The saved flights can be emailed to your Mac or PC to display a 3D image of the flight on Google Earth.

See some sample tracks in the screen shots below.

It doesn’t have to be a flight, you can record your trip to the grocery store or a walk around the block.

Click HERE to see the Mvx Tracks App in the iPhone App Store

NOTE: This App has been Retired


Please Click Here to see the Upgraded Version included in the Flight Recorder App



Approach and Landing at Leesburg Executive Airport JYO

The track shown is an approach from the west.

Left 45, Downwind, Base and Final for Runway 35


Right-Click HERE to download the KML file for this approach.


Save the downloaded .KML file on your Mac or PC - be sure the file type is .KML.


Open the downloaded file with Google Earth 5 and replay the ride using the tour control!


By default the Tour Control should be about  halfway down the left side of the Google Earth window.

It looks like this:

Click on the Play button to begin the tour.


Right-Click on “Paths” to  changes the Properties of the Tour playback.


Here is another link from a brief flight between Leesburg & Winchester, VA.

The track below is from a CFII check-ride. The wiggly lines are caused by the examiner simulating a student having an unsteady hand under the hood.

Click Here to download the KML file for this track.

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