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NOTE: A list of the Airports used in these Apps is available on the Airport page, click HERE to review this list.

General Aviation

  • Current Weather
  • Aviation Weather Forecast
  • Your Airplane's Weight & Balance
  • Takeoff & Landing Performance
  • METARs, TAFs and Trends
  • Find Nearest Airports and NAVAIDs
  • Set Personal Minimums
  • Aviation Flight Categories
  • (LIFR,IFR,VFR,MVFR) for area airports
  • Electronic E6B Aeronautical Calculations
  • DUATs web briefing
  • Review Navigation techniques

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Flight Recorder

Record Your Flight

  • Altitude, Speed, Course
  • Ground track
  • Profile Altitude and Speed
  • Analyze Performance
  • Review track
  • Share with PC, Mac and other mobile devices
  • Correct hardware errors
  • Plot in other 3D apps
  • Save data in spreadsheet format
  • Colorized drawings for easy review

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Takeoff & Landing

  • Calculate Takeoff & Landing Distances
  • Download METARs
  • Select headwind runway
  • Worldwide Airport Database
  • Analyze Alternatives
  • Calculate alternate scenarios
  • Check Other Airports
  • Define alternate airport for METARs
  • Colorize results based on personal minimums
  • “What If” calculation

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