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How to Use the General Aviation App

Just start it up on your PC or Mobile Device and touch the button for the function you would like to use.

Check the other Help files here for details about each screen.

The functions in the App should be fairly obvious to a GA student or pilot. Touch the menu button to get to the function you want.

A number of the screens use "sliders" to vary input values. These are great for watching the effect of changing conditions. A good example of this is seen on the Takeoff & Landing screen. You can slide the temperature slider to increase the input temperature and watch the takeoff and landing distances increase.

One thing to keep in mind, especially on the T&L screen, is that these sliders will let you input conditions that are literally "off the charts". That is, you can use input values that were never anticipated or calculated by the airplane manufacturer. This can be fun to create interesting scenarios, but definitely should NOT be used to try model real world conditions. The App will attempt to calculate an answer based on inputs given but please keep in mind the old saying, garbage-in-garbage-out. If you are input using values that are off the manufacturer's charts the answers are pure guesswork.

And in all cases the information provided here should never be used in place of the information provided manufacturers in the AFM/POH.

Approach to Tazewell County Airport (6V3)

Richlands, VA




Area WX

Takeoff & Landing

Weight & Balance


Current WX

PURPOSE: The General Aviation App is used to train for and prepare for General Aviation flight.

When to Use the General Aviation App

Use the GA App to prepare for GA flight, review current weather, forecasts, aircraft performance and navigation techniques.

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