Help for VOR


PURPOSE: The VOR Tool is used to demonstrate the use of a VOR for navigation. The HSI is used to demonstrate how the pilot uses a VOR/DME and an OBS to determine the airplane's position.



When to Use the VOR App

To visualize the relationship between your airplane and a VOR

Reading the CDI on your HSI or OBS, and getting the situation straight in your head is not the easiest thing to do, especially for a beginner. This App helps with that visualization. You can easily drag the airplane or VOR around or let the airplane fly randomly on its own.


How to Use the VOR App


The VOR Tool has two modes:


RANDOM: In this mode the airplane is moved automatically and will randomly change its heading when it reaches the wall. It just keeps flying around with a random speed and direction.


DRAG: In Drag mode the airplane or VOR/DME may be moved by dragging and dropping using the touch screen.


The VOR/DME can be moved in either mode by dragging and dropping.


The Heading can be changed using the slider in Drag mode.


The OBS can be changed using the slider in either mode, the currently selected radial is shown as a red line.


The blue line, at a right angle to the currently selected radial, indicates the point at which the from/to indicator will flip.

VOR Viewer Screenshot