Help for Subscribe

                                                                                                              PURPOSE: The Subscribe page controls access to subscription information for the user.


When to Use the Subscribe page

To buy a subscription, check on a subscription status

To register or restore the subscription


How to Use the Subscribe page

Buy a Subscription

You can buy a subscription to access to General Aviation premium features two ways 1 Month at a time or 1Year at a time.

Simply touch the Buy button then follow the standard Google Play Store procedures to buy a subscription. A network connection is required. There may be some response time delays depending on your network connection speed.

Review Purchased Subscriptions

You can review your subscriptions by scrolling through the Subscriptions Owned.

Register / Restore / Reset

If you have purchased a subscription on your cell phone and would like to use it on your tablet you can do that. Follow the Google Play instructions to login to the account you used to buy the subscription. It should be automatically restored on the tablet when you start the App.

You can also restore a subscription that has been registered to your email account. This is done on the Register/Restore/Reset screen and includes subscriptions purchased for you iPhone or iPad.

On the Register & Restore Screen enter an Email address & password that you want to use to register the Subscription then touch the Register button.

This Email address will be used to Restore this app on this or any other device you own where you would like to run the App.

Password Reset

If you forget your password you can use the Password Reset function to reset the password and have the new password sent to your registered Email address. The Email address will be saved as all uppercase letters however the password is case sensitive.



When you perform a subscription register or restore it can take up to a few minutes for the transaction to complete. Press the refresh button to get the status of the restore request. When the restore is complete you will see the restored subscription on the list.

Subscribe Screenshot


Register & Restore Screenshot