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PURPOSE: The Nearest App is used to view the Nearest airports, VOR, NDB and other NAVAIDs measured from your current location or measured from a selected airport.



When to Use the Nearest App

To see a list of the nearest airports and NAVAIDs

The GPS is used to determine the current location

To see a list of the Airports and NAVAIDs closest to specified Airport

An airport or NAVAID location can be substituted for the current GPS location

To find the location of an Airport or NAVAID

An easy way to just enter a few letters of the name or city to search


How to Use the Nearest App

Just start it up. By default it will show the nearest Airports and NAVAIDs. Use the options to change the display.


GPS hardware status is displayed with a text message and a colored indicator."OK" or "Available" with a green light means it is OK. "GPS Error" with a red light means the GPS hardware has reported an error. When the App is first started it will usually take a few seconds to acquire the location and get an OK status.

Data Display

ID, Type and Name are displayed for each of the nearest points

The Bearing To or Radial From is displayed based on the setting of the To/From button. Touch the button above the column to switch from one to the other.

The Distance from the current position is displayed in Nautical Miles or Kilometers based on the Option setting.

Current Latitude and Longitude are displayed.


From where?

The distances are measured either From your current location determined by the GPS or From a selected Airport. Use the From Current GPS/Airport radio buttons to select the From Point.

If an Airport is selected as the From Point you can touch the Station ID (Blue Button) to display the Airport Search screen.

Distance Unit

Distances can be displayed in Nautical Miles or Kilometers.

Map Type

The Map can be displayed as Normal, Satellite image or Terrain view.

Full Name or ID

Either the Full Name of the point or just the ID can be displayed. In a crowded map it may be easier to read with just the ID.

Auto-frame on Location Change

Check this switch to automatically center the current location on the map when the current location changes.

Types to View

You can turn On or Off each of the four types Airports, VOR, NDB and Other.

If a type is turned On members will be included in the nearest list. If it is turned Off they will not be included.



Nearest Screenshot


Nearest Options Screenshot