Help for METARs & TAFs


PURPOSE: The METARs Page is used to display METAR and TAF data for a specified group of Airport Stations.


When to Use the METARs

To see current METARs and TAFs for your favorite airports

When this page is opened it displays METARs and TAFs for the pre-selected stations. This is useful to get a quick look at the raw data from a list of stations that are of interest. By having the list of stations pre-defined it makes getting this data quicker and easier.


How to Use the METARs page


Define the METAR Stations

Type in the list of Stations for the METARs and TAFs you want to see.

The Options Tab can be used to save a list to be used by default.



Check this box by touching it if you would like the METARs translated. Uncheck this box to see the raw data



Check this box by touching it see the TAFs, uncheck this box eliminate TAFs


Hours of History

Select the number of hours of history to be displayed



Touch the Refresh button to update the data displayed


Font - Font +

Use these buttons to decrease or increase the size of the font used to display the data.



PLEASE NOTE: The source of the METARs used in this App is NOAA’s National Weather Service Aviation Weather Center. It can be found here:


If the METAR station cannot be found on this site, it will not be available on this page

METARs & TAFs Screenshot