Help for General Aviation App


PURPOSE: The General Aviation App is used to train for and prepare for General Aviation flight. The General Aviation App has been designed to take advantage of the screen characteristics of both tablets and smaller phones. One subscription may be used to run on both.



When to Use the GA App

Use the GA App to prepare for GA flight, review current weather, forecasts, aircraft performance and navigation techniques.

Training and Preflight checklist while using the GA App

Check mark symbol Confirm the reservation with the FBO

Check mark symbol Check the Aviation Weather Forecast

Check mark symbol Check your airplane's Weight & Balance

Check mark symbol Check the TAF

Check mark symbol Review Hold entry procedures

Check mark symbol Review VOR radial intercept and tracking

Check mark symbol Check the METARs and trends for the last 24 hours

Check mark symbol Compare conditions to personal minimums

Check mark symbol Check aviation flight categories (LIFR,IFR,VFR,MVFR)for the area airports

Check mark symbol Check aviation flight categories (LIFR,IFR,VFR,MVFR)for the airports along the route

Check mark symbol Calculate Takeoff & Landing performance based on current & forecast conditions

Check mark symbol Check the expected crosswind and headwind at airports in use

Check mark symbol Get a current DUATs briefing


How to Use the general Aviation App

Just start it up on your Android tablet or phone and touch the button for the function you would like to use.

Check the other Help files here for details about each screen.

The functions in the App should be fairly obvious to a GA student or pilot. Touch the menu button to get to the function you want. Then just keep touching the buttons of interest.

In general the screens in the App have been designed to run on a tablet and then scaled down to fit on the smaller smart phone. This is done by dividing the tablet screen into multiple smaller screens that scroll from right to left.

For example the Weight and Balance App fits onto a single tablet screen. But on the phone it is on three screens that are scrolled by swiping the screen back and forth, left and right.


In all cases the information provided here should never be used in place of the information provided manufacturers in the AFM/POH or from approved sources.



The General Aviation App is a free download. After 30 days a subscription is needed to continue to use the premium features. The Apps with Green buttons on the main menu are free and do not require a subscription. The other buttons indicate a premium feature that requires a subscription.