Help for Current WX



PURPOSE: The Current WX is used to view the current and recent weather for a given station.



When to Use the Current WX

To view consolidated weather data for the past 36 hours

The Current WX screen is used to view current weather data for a METAR station. In addition to the current data all available METAR history is plotted to show trends over the previous 36 hours.

To get a quick read on weather compared to minimums and maximums

This data is used before a flight to assess current conditions and weather trends along the route of flight. The METAR values are colored according to personal minimums and maximums. This brings important information to the pilots attention.

To help visualize conditions over time

Crosswind and Headwind components are displayed for up to three runways. This data is also color coded based on user selected limits.


How to Use the Current WX

Select the Airport

Touch the Station ID (Blue Button) at the top/left of the screen and the Airport Search screen will be presented

Enter a few characters from the Station ID or the Airport name or the Airport City

See the screenshot below for an example

Select the Airport by touching it

Review Historical METARs

Slide the slider at the bottom to scroll back and forth through available METAR data. The number of METARs available will vary by station and recording method.

Select a Favorite

Touch a Favorite Station in the list at the top right to show the complete Current WX for that station. The Favorite Stations are defined on the Options screen.


Touch the refresh button to get the current METAR data


Data Displayed

Top Left

- Selected Station ID, Airport Name and City: The airport identification

- Date & Time: Zulu time from the METAR and time for the local zone

- METAR values: These values are taken directly from the METAR or calculated based on the METAR data

- Colorized Personal Minimums: Visibility, Ceiling, Temp, Wind Speed and Gust will be colorized based on personal minimums defined on the Options page


Top Right

- Aviation Flight Category

LIFR Ceiling       <   500 Feet     Visibility   < 1 mile

 IFR Ceiling   500 - 1,000 Feet     Visibility 1 - 3 miles

MVFR Ceiling 1,000 - 3,000 Feet     Visibility 3 - 5 miles

 VFR Ceiling       > 3,000 Feet     Visibility   > 5 miles


- Graphic Wind direction and speed


- Sky Condition and Present Weather: From the METAR


- Favorite Stations: These Stations are defined on the Options page. The colorized Aviation Flight Category and Wind Conditions are shown for each station. This is a nice way to get a feel for conditions in the region.


Bottom Left

- Graphical presentation of historical data: The six boxes show historical METAR data for the Station. These graphics clearly show trends for weather data.


Bottom Right

- Runway relative wind: Up to three runways will be shown with the wind arrow showing the selected METAR wind data. Headwind and Crosswind components are calculated. The suggested runway (with headwind) is shown in red and the tailwind runway is shown in blue. The red line indicates the point where a headwind becomes a tailwind.



- Raw METAR: The raw METAR is shown at the bottom. Since a METAR may be entered by hand not all data may be translated correctly above. This raw information can be reviewed to get the complete METAR information.