Help for Area WX


PURPOSE: The Area Weather App is used to display METAR and TAF data for a specified Area. The Area is defined by a METAR station and a radius around that Station. The weather data can be displayed as a list of Stations, with the Stations shown on a map or as Raw METAR and TAF Data.


When to Use the Area WX

To get a quick look at local conditions

The Area WX shows basically the same weather seen on the Current WX and METAR pages. It is displayed here in a different format that gives the user a different perspective. The colored boxes highlight the flight category by region.

To see local TAFs

Use the map to get a quick overview of area weather conditions. The stations gives a view of the METAR data formatted to be a little easier to read. I like to just look at the raw data screen for a quick over view of current conditions and also to get a look at current TAFs in the area.


How to Use the Area WX App:

Define the Area

- Touch the Menu button

- Select Options

- Touch the Airport ID Button to enter the search function

- Enter a few characters from the Station ID or the Airport name or the Airport City

- See the screenshot below for an example

- Select the Airport by touching it

- Enter the Radius


To change start-up or measurement unit options

- Touch the Menu button

- Select Options

- Update selected options



PLEASE NOTE: The source of the METARs used in this App is NOAA’s National Weather Service Aviation Weather Center. It can be found here:


If the METAR station cannot be found with this site, it will not be in the App.


The database used in the App contains over 10,000 airports. If you would like to review the list of airports please visit the CFI Tools Airports page.


CAUTION! This App should be used for training and reference purposes, for flight planning approved weather sources should be used.





Default Station

Select the METAR station ID to be used at start-up


Enter the Radius in nautical miles

Show no-WX Stations

Check this to display stations with no weather on the map

Wind Speed

Select either Knots or MPS (Meters per Second) for the wind speed measurement unit.


Select either Feet or Meters for the distance measurement unit.


Select either Celsius or Fahrenheit for the temperature measurement unit.

Hours of History

Select the amount of history to show on the Raw Data page

Start Screen

Select either the Map, Stations or Raw Data as the start page

Map Type

Select Normal, Satellite or Terrain