In September of 2006 I began work on my private pilot’s license. While working toward my private pilot license I developed a pre-flight planning routine that involved checking a number of internet sources.

In order to make this process a little easier and more organized I developed the WxCheck software for my own use.

Some of the other pilots saw the software and said—Hey you ought to sell that. So I spent some time cleaning it up and here it is available for others to use.

In September of 2007 I began work on my instrument rating. While working on this I developed the inSim software to help me understand some of the important instrument concepts.



This original software has been updated and consolidated into new Apps for iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows. It is now called CFI Tools. The main CFI Tools App is called General Aviation.

Here is a screen of the Windows 10 version Main Menu, click it for details.

WindowsPhoneMain (Mobile)

Diamond DA-20 C1 Eclipse N136MA

Sunrise 5:12 AM

Boston, MA


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